Most organizations are governed by a set of guidelines which help to establish a playing field in which all its members understand the rules. The New York State Town Clerks Association is not any different.  When the Association was born, a group of dedicated clerks put together its By-Laws. These have changed over the years as the Association has grown and become the organization it is today. 

The By-Laws may be changed or amended by a majority vote of all the members present at an Annual Meeting provided due notice of the amendment shall have been provided to the membership fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Any member desiring to submit a change or amendment in the By-Laws at any time must submit the same to the Executive Committee for their consideration. If approved by the Executive Committee, proposed changes must be submitted to the general membership either at the Annual Meeting or by mail vote as provided in Article XI of the By-Laws.

Should you wish to submit a change to the By-Laws, please use the link below.  

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