District Clerk of the Year

Beginning with the 2010 NYSTCA Annual Conference, one clerk from each of the Ten districts was recognized as District Town Clerk of the Year.  From this group, one clerk is chosen and given the prestigious  honor of Town Clerk of the Year.

Please be sure to place your nominations for the 2018 District Town Clerks of the Year. Submission deadline is February 20, 2018.  The current Executive Committee members are not eligible for nomination while in office.  Prior District Clerks of the Year will be accepted. Unfortunately, you may not nominate yourself.

4 ladies standing in a row holding certificates

2 people seated at banquet table - with bouquet of flowers in the center of the table

When making nominations, please note the following minimum qualifications:
  • In office as Town Clerk for at least 10 years
  • NYSTCA member for at least 5 years
  • Personal and professional development demonstrated through participating in the following:  NYSTCA Annual Conference, Regional meetings, RMC Certification,  local county associations, IIMC programs, college courses, etc.
Additional considerations:
  • Activities that have furthered the goals of NYSTCA ffices or committees held in NYSTCA, local county associations and IIMC
  • Special achievements, awards, accomplishments
  • Community service participation