Registered Municipal Clerk (RMC)

Purpose of RMC

The NYSTCA established the 'Registered Municipal Clerk program to recognize the educational and professional accomplishments in a town clerks career. The program promotes the continued education of our clerks to enable them to better serve their boards and communities.  

How do I become a Registered Municipal Clerk? Easy as 1…2…3…RMC

Glad you asked! Chances are you already have the necessary qualifications. Applicants must attain 50 points in Education, 50 points in Experience, and endorse the NYSTCA Code of Ethics at the time of applying. The application and supporting documentation is to be submitted to the RMC Committee for review and decision. Questions about the Application? Reach out to the RMC Committee today!

Why become a Registered Municipal Clerk?

-Elevate skill levels

-Promote the Professional Image of Town Clerks

-Enhance Performance and Status of Clerks

-Ensure the public that RMC’s are required to possess a level of competence and continue their education to maintain their designation

Online Application Coming Soon!