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Nomination Form - NYS Town Clerk of the Year

  1. The New York State Town Clerk’s Association will honor one of its members who has exhibited a high degree of professionalism in her/his office and who has contributed toward the NYSTCA purpose of promoting the educational and professional development of Town Clerks. One clerk will be chosen and given the prestigious honor of ‘New York State Town Clerk of the Year’.

    To submit a nomination: Start by completing this form, upload the additional pages of information, supporting letters, and documents.

    Please Note: Executive Committee Members (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Ex-Officio, & District Directors) are not eligible. Any clerk is eligible, EXCEPT those who have been named and awarded ‘New York State Town Clerk of the Year’. You may not nominate yourself.

    Minimum Qualifications: 

    Must have held office of Town Clerk for at least 10 years

    NYSTCA member for at least five (5) consecutive years

    Shows personal and professional development demonstrated through participation in NYSTCA Annual Conferences, Regional Meetings, RMC Certification, local county association; IIMC programs, college courses, etc.

    Any questions should be submitted to the Clerk of the Year Committee. 

  2. Nominee Information

    Check all that apply to your nominee.  

  3. If yes, please give the name of the association.

  4. Please use extra pages to talk specifically about your nominee’s qualifications, accomplishments, talents, professionalism, etc. Attention should be given to the following:

    ➢ Nominee’s involvement in NYSTCA, list all officer positions held and all committees served on.

    ➢ Nominee’s involvement in local County Association of Town Clerks, list all officer positions held, and all committees served/serving on, etc.

    ➢ Nominee’s involvement in IIMC or other municipal or government organizations

    ➢ Outstanding service to nominee’s local government, neighboring towns, county, or state

    ➢ Community organizations, involvement, and service

    ➢ Education, degrees, certificates, awards

    ➢ Any other information which shows your nominee to be the best choice for this award

  5. Provide supporting letters from other clerks, town/ county, state officials, community leaders, heads of organizations and ask they state specific information about your nominee. Provide any additional documents you feel are important, including, but not limited to newspaper articles and pictures.

    Be Specific! For example, do not say “she is always helping in the community.” Be detailed and say something like, “she volunteers every other Saturday to sort, box, and distribute food at the local food bank”, then get a letter from whoever is in charge to support this.

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