NYSTCA Committees & Liaisons

The Association is made up of several committees on which District Director’s are placed to help maintain the most up-to-date information and to help make Conference a memorable experience for you. The committees are as follows:

Ag & Markets, Audit, By-Laws, Communications, County Association Liaison/Banners, NYS DEC, NYS DOH, NYS DMV, Historian, IIMC, Legislation, Membership, Nominating, NYS Gaming, RECORDER, RMC, Registration (Regionals and Conference), Scholarship, Souvenirs, Sunshine, Tax Collection, Banquet, Clerk of the Year, Fun-Time Auction, Sunday Night Mixer, Time and Place, Vendors, and Welcome First Time Clerks.

If you have a specific question, click on the committee contact to help answer your question(s).

Agriculture and Markets Liaison 

Cortney Rhinehardt   
Email Cortney Rhinehardt

Audit Committee 

Marie Little (Chair), Cortney Rhinehardt, Gretchen Hind
Email Marie Little

By-Law Committee 

Karen Miller Kenerson (Chair),  Amy Bellardo
Email Karen Miller Kenerson

County Association Liaison/Banners 

Tracy Villnave (Chair),  Sue Baldwin 
Email Tracy Villnave

Communications Committee

Allison Weber (Chair),  Tom Peer, Denis Noncarrow
Email Allison Weber


Virginia Ignatowski 
Email Virginia Ignatowski

IIMC Committee

Susan Haag (Chair), Carol Chase, Allison Weber
Email Susan Haag 


Patricia Kalba (Chair), Andrew Raia, Beth Anne Ripple
Email Patricia Kalba


Karen Sweeting 
Email Karen Sweeting 


Susan Haag (Chair), Cindy Goliber, Nicole Begin
Email Susan Haag

NYSDEC Liaison 

Laurie Fuller 
Email Laurie Fuller

NYSDOH Liaison 

Denis Noncarrow 
Email Dennis Noncarrow

NYSDMV Liaison 

Julie Gansle 
Email Julie Gansle

NYS Racing and Wagering Liaison 

Tom Peer 
Email Tom Peer

Recorder Editor/Ads 

Cindy Goliber
Email Cindy Goliber

Registered Municipal Clerk (RMC) 

Gretchen Hind (Chair), Nicole Begin, Eve Fisher 
Email Gretchen Hind

Registration (Regionals/Conference) 

Patty Kalba (Chair), Linda Laird 
Email Patty Kalba


Carol Chase(Chair), Tracy Villnave, Gretchen Hind 
Email Carol Chase

Souvenirs (Regional/Conference) 

Cortney Rhinehardt   
Email Cortney Rhinehardt


Karen Miller Kenerson
Email Karen Miller Kenerson

Tax Collection Liaison 

Eve Fisher
Email Eve Fisher


Allison Weber 
Email Allison Weber